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“Holiday on Ice 2017” Featured Parts Tryouts
December 10th, 2017 2:00pm

To audition for a featured part in the Spring show you must fit one of the following level requirements. The cost to audition is $25.00. Auditions will take place on Sunday December 10th at 2:00pm. If interested please fill out the attached registration form and return to Skate Company with payment by December 1st. It is an Exhibition and we are encouraging skaters to use a themed program that would be entertaining for a spotlight or showcase number, however this is not required. Being our Holiday show it is suggested to use holiday music but again it is not required and music selection is your choice. Please remember when picking music that there is a score for creativity and music interpretation.

  • Primary Solo/ Duet/ Trio
    • Eligibility for a Primary solo/Duet/Trio are as follows: Skater must include their choice of Loop or Flip in their tryout performance.
  • Solo /Duet Feature
    • This is a special part where the skaters chosen for this group will step out from within the group and skate their special part with a group of skaters in the background.
    • Eligibility for a Solo /duet Feature are as follows: Skater must include their choice of Salchow or Toe Loop in their tryout performance.
  • Group Feature 
    • A Group Feature is a special part where a group of 4 or more skaters will skate together and each skater will have a turn stepping out to showcase 2-3 elements of the choreography coaches choice.
    • Eligibility for a Group Feature are as follows: Skater must include their choice of Salchow or Toe Loop in their tryout performance.

*In the case that there is not enough skaters trying out for a specific area scores from the lower audition levels will be used to complete the amount of parts needed. With that being said just having the required element does not guarantee you a position. This is performance based and you must score an above baseline score in the other areas to qualify for the part applying for.

General Guidelines

  1. Auditions will be held on December 10th. Skaters may only tryout for 1 part in the Spring show. Program length for tryouts is a maximum of 2 minutes. Remember this is for Spring Show tryouts so select music that will entertain an audience.
  2. All skaters receiving featured parts must skate in one additional group number during the Spring Show. After three absences in one group number you will be dismissed from both your featured part and your group number.
  3. All skaters receiving a featured part must hold a 1st or 2nd club membership by the date of tryouts as well as support the LTS program or pay the buy out rate.
  4. Each skater receiving a featured part is required to have a professional coach choreograph their number. If you do not have a coach one can be suggested to suit the skater.
  5. Skaters receiving featured parts must commit to skating in all 4 shows or you forfeit your part.
  6. If you have been chosen to perform a featured part in the Spring Show there will be an additional
    fee for the show. This fee includes...your music, performances in the shows and costume. Your show fee does not include your practice time, or coaches fees.
  7. Remember, performances are being judged on creativity and how you entertain the audience. There
    will be a technical score for your required element but this will be only 1 score of the 15 each skater
    will receive. Other items you will be scored on is facial expression, costume fitting theme of performance, presentation, artistic impression, creativity, rhythm, and choreography.
  8. If a skater receives a part in the show and does not fulfill the requirements, is removed from their part, or makes the choice to not skate their part this skater will not be allowed to participate in the tryout process for 1 year.  After the 1 year your probation will be removed and you can participate in tryouts again.

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