Families with figure skaters who would like to be in the annual Festival on Ice must become members of Skate Company Skating Club, a USFS (United States Figure Skating) sanctioned club. Club membership is due annually by July 31 1,2.

Classifications of Membership

First Club Membership5 $100.00

(Membership includes USFS Membership for 1 skater/members; additional skaters/members are an additional $20.00 each) – Skaters/Families who desire a full USFS membership *for individual competitions AND participation in the annual ice show and/or solo try-outs, and club activities and fundraisers

Second Club Membership5 $80.00

Skaters/Families with primary membership in another USFS Club, but desire participation in our annual ice show and club activities and fundraisers.

Junior Membership5 $60.00

Skaters/families who desire participation in the annual ice show and club activities and fundraisers.

Professional Membership5 $60.00

(Professional membership is not eligible for volunteer discounts.) Individual membership for a coach seeking USFS membership*, who abides by the guidelines set forth by the USFS for a coach, who has successfully passed background screening with NCSI. Coach is eligible to participate in the annual ice show as an alumni or instructor only.  Voting for individual coach only.

Collegiate (First Club) $100.00 for 4 year membership

Offered as a discount for adult college students. Offer is the same as First Club Membership.

  1. A late fee of $20 will apply after the 2nd week of our fall LTS Session.
  2. Memberships paid on or before July 15th 2015 will be discounted $20.
  3. A USFS Membership entitles you to test and participate in USFS Competitions.
  4. A skater must be a First Club member the day of solo try-outs in order to be considered for a solo in our annual Festival on Ice.
  5. One Designated Member from each household, over the age of 18, is eligible to vote

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