2021 Elections

2021 Voting Members

Andrew Boone Sharon King Melanie Petri
Angela Buscetta Bryan King Rita Shaffer
Christy Buscetta Keegan Knight Megan Sherwood
Heather Doran Laura Klotz Abigail Socull
Ashley Dooley Melissa Ksiazek Gail Sombati
Mallory Dumont Samantha McNeil Kelly Urban
Lisa Francetich Emily Morales Stacey Martin
Clemente Herrera Sarah Nash Debbie Van Cleave
Megan Higgins April Ochman Kristin Woolf
Kathy Gibson Katy Olsen Bre Ochman


Directors (2)

  • Megan Higgins (A)
  • Sharon King (A)
  • Bre Ochman (A)
  • Clemente Herrera  (A)
  • Kathy Gibson (D)
  • Katy Olsen (A)
  • Kelly Urban (A)
  • Lisa Francetich (A)
President (1)

  • Sharon King (TL)
  • Debbie Van Cleave (A)
  • Megan Higgins (A)

Vice President (1)

  • Andrew Boone (A)
  • Megan Higgins (TL)

Secretary (1)

  • Melanie Petri (A)

Treasurer (1)

  • Debbie Van Cleave (TL)
  • April Ochman (A)
Key:  (A) Accepted the Nomination |  (D) Declined the Nomination | (TL) Term Limited

The nomination period expired at 3:30 pm on  Thursday,  May 13, 2021.
Voting begins Friday,  May 14th and goes to 12:00 pm on Sunday, May 16th.

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