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In 1975, after the construction of the Lincoln Park Community Center, 4 families got together and decided to start a Learn to Skate program at the facility and Skate Company Skating Club was formed. This included an annual ice show. Mrs. Victoria Michaels was the first Skating Director, having led the program for over 20 years. Our program has produced solo competitors, Synchro teams (Lincolnettes and Ice Fusion) and Basic Skills Competitions. Over the years many Olympic hopefuls and medalists have been guest skaters in what has been called “The Finest Ice Show Downriver”.

Skaters such as Olympian Nicole Bobek and Olympic Gold Medalist Dance Skaters Meryl Davis & Charlie White have been in our ice show. Current US Nationals and Worlds competitor Grant Hochstein has been a guest skater as well as Dan Hollander. Some former Ice Show Directors are Lisa Louden, Clair LaDue, Katherine Rzeppa, Amy Grattop, Christina Delgado, former Skate Company member Mary DePalma.


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Board of Directors

Term Began Term Ends Term Type* Name
June 1, 2024 June 1, 2025 A Andrew Boone
June 1, 2024 June 1, 2027 V Melissa Herrera
June 1, 2024 June 1, 2027 V Mallory Dumont
June 1, 2022 June 1, 2025 V Lisa Francetich
June 1, 2022

June 1, 2023

June 1, 2023

June 1, 2025

June 1, 2026

June 1, 2026




Kristina Quirouette

Kayla Nolte

Chelsea Brown

* Board Directors can either be voted in by the Membership, or in the case of an vacancy be appointed to fill the position. A “V” denotes the Director was voted in by the Club Members, while an “A” denotes the Director was appointed by the Directors.

2024-25 Club Officers

Position Name
President Melanie Petri
Vice President Kelly Urban
Secretary Katy Olsen
Treasurer Debbie Van Cleave


Position Name
Learn to Skate Director Jen Cooley
Ice Show Director Julie O’Connor
Social Media / Webmaster Melanie Petri

Annual Festival on Ice

Nbr. Year Name Director Logo Program
1 1976 The Gay 90’s Victoria Michaels
2 1977 The Broadway on Ice Victoria Michaels
3 1978 Holiday’s on Ice Victoria Michaels
4 1979 Coast to Coast Victoria Michaels
5 1980 A Touch of Magic Victoria Michaels
6 1981 A Night at the Movies Victoria Michaels
7 1982 It’s about Time Victoria Michaels
8 1983 Dreams Victoria Michaels
9 1984 Ritz Dinner Dessert Show Victoria Michaels
10 1985 Through the Years Victoria Michaels
11 1986 Celebration Victoria Michaels
12 1987 Anything Goes Victoria Michaels
13 1988 City Lights Victoria Michaels
14 1989 Magic of Music Victoria Michaels
15 1990 That’s Entertainment Victoria Michaels
16 1991 Ice Electric Victoria Michaels
17 1992 Music in Motion Victoria Michaels
18 1993 Ice Odyssey Victoria Michaels
19 1994 Special Edition Victoria Michaels
20 1995 Evening to Remember Victoria Michaels
21 1996 Festival on Ice Disney Lisa Lowden
22 1997 Festival on Ice in Search of a Festival Amy Gratopp
23 1998 A Day At the Mall Amy Gratopp
24 1998 Wizard of Oz Amy Gratopp
25 2000 Cruisin’ the Century Claire LeDue
26 2001 Movies Claire LeDue
27 2002 Rock On Claire LeDue
28 2003 Legends Kathrine Rzeppa
29 2004 Crazy Thing Called Love Kathrine Rzeppa
30 2005 Where’s the Party Kathrine Rzeppa
31 2006 Around the Wold in 80 Days Joe Mero / Christina Delgado
32 2007 And We Danced Christina Delgado
33 2008 Under the Big Top Christina Delgado
34 2009 Holidays on Ice Cindy Hawk
35 2010 Fame Gail Sombati
36 2011 Beautifully Wicked Gail Sombati
37 2012 Great Lakes Skate Gail Sombati
38 2013 Bon Appetit Amy Wright
39 2014 I’ve Got your Number Mary DePalma
40 2015 UnForgettable Mary DePalma
41 2016 Vegas Lights, Vegas Nights Sarah Nash pdf
42 2017 Boyz and Girlz Rock the Ice Jennifer Campau pdf
43 2018 Rewind Jennifer Campau pdf
44 2019 That’s Life Jennifer Campau pdf








Animal Kingdom

Sweet Dreams

The Magic Within

Let’s Play!

Gail Sombati

Julie O’Connor

Julie O’Connor

Julie O’Connor


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