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Thank you all that skated with us for the 2023-24 season!

Sadly, our classes are done for the season. But we can’t wait to skate with you for the 2024-25 season! Registration will begin in July or August, so stay tuned! Be sure to follow us on Facebook for registration info!


The first ten minutes of class will consist of learning skills in a group. After group time, the skater will be able to enjoy skating on their own with the assistance of an instructor ans/or a skate aid. The registration fee includes the skater and one companion. Additional companions are welcome if space is permitted for a cost of $5 per class.


Skaters should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled class time allowing sufficient time to try on rental skates. The first time your skater attends our program, we will spend a portion of the class off ice just getting them acquainted with their equipment. Once skaters are ready to go on the ice, our qualified instructors will assist them onto the ice.


Rental skates are available for free during classes. When you arrive and check in, there will be an instructor available to help you size and tie the skates. If you bring your own skates, single blade hockey or figure skates are required. All sizes of both styles of skates are available. Helmets are strongly encouraged for all skating participants (bicycle helmets are acceptable)! Comfortable, flexible, and warm clothing are recommended for all skaters. Gloves are REQUIRED. Beginner skaters should wear loose fitting pants while learning how to safely fall and stand back up.

Sturdy, plastic skate aids are available for skaters that may need extra help with balancing while learning to skate.


Therapeutic skating is offered to anyone who would need special assistance due to medical, physical, or cognitive impairment, as well as learning disabilities. Please be sure to fill out the medical history form attached to registration so we can make the first day as comfortable as possible for your skater.

For more information contact Gail Sombati at


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