Festival On Ice

Introducing Sweet Dreams,

our 2022 Festival on Ice!

Ice Show is for everyone! Whether you’re a new skater, a Snowplow or Basic level, a seasoned skater- it’s for everyone!
We often hear “my skater isn’t a high enough level” or “my skater can barely stand up” or “they’re not ready yet”. Let us cast your worries aside!
Ice show is the highlight of the year for the coaches and skaters.
It’s a wonderful way for the skaters to show their friends and family the skills they’ve learned, in a fun production.
Many of our own skaters could barely skate their first show! But they’ll tell you how much fun they had and how much they look forward to each show.
Skaters do not need to try-out for Show (excluding Special Parts). There’s a group number for everyone in every level!
We hope you’ll join us in our 2022 Festival on Ice!
If you are a skater that has passed Freestyle 1 and would like to try-out for a special part (solo, duet, etc)- our Special Parts Try Outs are November 19th. Applications are due November 9th.
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