Amayah Senior Tribute

Congratulations to Skate Company Skating Club 2020 senior Amayah Featherson. This spring Amayah would have skated in her 12th Ice Show and because the year was cut short, Amayah will be joining Skate Company in the 2021 Festival on Ice. We wish you all the best and Congratulations on your…

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9 Reasons Your Kid Should Start Skating

Check out this blog post from Dec 2018 from our friends over at Learn to Skate USA.

9 Reasons Your Kid Should Start Skating

9 Reasons Your Kid Should Start Skating

Skating has benefits for all ages, but did you know that kids who start skating young learn more quickly? Here are some of the best reasons you should sign your child up for ice skating lessons:


The post “9 Reasons Your Kid Should Start Skating” appeared first on the Learn to Skate USA blog.

2018 Holiday Show Photos

This gallery contains 412 photos.

These photos were taken during our Holiday Ice Show on Saturday, December 15, 2018. The skaters pictured in these photo and/or the skater’s family are free for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may download, print, or share the photos of you or your skater(s). 

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