2023-24 Elections

Time to cast your nomination for

SCSC 2023-24 Board Members!

It’s the exciting time of year to vote for your upcoming board members! For 2023-24, we have TWO director positions open. To run for a director position, the nominee must be a voting member (listed below) in good standing. And as always, the voting is open to choose your Board Officers as well. Board Officers must have served a year as a board director in the past. So those with voting rights, be sure to cast your nomination for the new director positions and all officers!

The nomination period expires at 9 pm on  Sunday May 14, 2023.
Voting begins Wednesday May 17th  and goes to 9:00 pm on Saturday May 20th

Fred Dumont   Michael Francetich

Current 2022-23 Board Members:

President: Debbie Van Cleave

Vice President: Melanie Petri

Secretary: Andrew Boone

Treasurer: Mallory Dumont

Board Directors: Kelly Urban, Melissa Herrera, Katy Olsen, Kristina Quirouette & Lisa Francetich


Questions? Our voting committee is there to help! They’ll also be reaching out to those nominated.

Kelly Urban, Melissa Herrera, Lisa Francetich, Jen Cooley & Alex Offer
*Note, those on the committee have chosen not to run for a board position, with the exception of Kelly, Lisa & Melissa who have terms left in their Director positions



Below are current nominations that have been submitted

*In order be be an officer, the member must have served 1 year as a Director in the past



Melanie Petri

Debbie Van Cleave

Andrew Boone



Andrew Boone

Melanie Petri

Mallory Dumont



Mallory Dumont

Andrew Boone

Katy Olsen


Debbie Van Cleave

Mallory Dumont

Melanie Petri

Andrew Boone






Chelsea Brown

Kayla Nolte

Madison Swoveland

Fred Dumont

Gail Sombati

Sharon King

Kristina Quirouette**

Katy Olsen**

Melissa Herrera**


*On voting committee and will not be running for any position

**Will continue position for 2023-24 already (term is 3 years)


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